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Warehouse nf81024-01 Available for Short-Term Contract RentalPublic Warehouse/3PLSale

Address Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto,Kyoto
Dimension 142.76 Tsubo
Rental Fee 918,000 Yen
° Rental Fee/Tsubo6,430Yen/Tsubo°ň

Meishin Expy

Facility Structure Reinforced Concrete Structure°°Above Grade3rd Floor
Rent Space 1st Floor
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Facility Details

Type Warehouse - Distribution + Storage Center Other - Sales Branch
Temperature Temperature
Dimension 229.90 Tsubo° 760.00m2°ň
Existing / Newly-Build Existing
Dimension for Rent 142.76 Tsubo(471.95m2/5,080.070ft2)
Spec 10t Truck/4£Ű Truck/
Ground Level

Contract Conditions

Contract Type Rent
Rent Start Consulting
Rental Fee (with Tax) 918,000 Yen
Administrative Expenses
(with Tax)
Common Service Expenses
(with Tax)
Total Rental Fee (with Tax) 918,000 Yen
Contract Term (Year) 5Year
Contract Conditions Rent
Mandatory Condition to Rent

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tohun-ent 1-13-10 Shibaura,Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan

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