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Warehouse ts102958-01 Available for Short-Term Contract RentalPublic Warehouse/3PLSale

Address Kashiwa,Chiba
Dimension 120.00 Tsubo
Rental Fee 609,120 Yen
° Rental Fee/Tsubo5,076Yen/Tsubo°ň

Joban Expy

Facility Structure °°Above Grade1st Floor
Rent Space 1st Floor
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Facility Details

Type Warehouse - Distribution + Storage Center
Temperature Temperature
Existing / Newly-Build Existing
Dimension for Rent 120.00 Tsubo(396.69m2/4,269.971ft2)
Spec 40 Feet Containre Truck/10t Truck/4£Ű Truck/
Ground Level/Not Confirmed

Contract Conditions

Contract Type Rent°ŅDeposit Service
Rent Start 2019/04 -
Rental Fee (with Tax) 609,120 Yen
Administrative Expenses
(with Tax)
Common Service Expenses
(with Tax)
Total Rental Fee (with Tax) 609,120 Yen
Contract Term (Year) 3Year
Contract Conditions Rent/Deposit Service
Mandatory Condition to Rent

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tohun-ent 1-13-10 Shibaura,Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan

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